Global Search Query#

Magql provides a search query field that will perform a global search using registered providers. Magql-SQLAlchemy registers a provider for each model that will search all string columns.

The Query and Results#

The search query field takes one argument, value, the string to search for. It returns a list of items.

The items in the list have the following keys:

  • type, the name of the model class.

  • id, the primary key of the row.

  • value, the string representation of the model row (str(item)).

  • extra, currently unused, arbitrary extra information about the row.

Using the type and id, a UI could present search results that link to that item.

Disabling for a Model#

When using ModelGroup.from_declarative_base, it takes a search argument to control what models are searchable.

By default, search is True, which generates a search provider for ever model. You can reassign ModelManager.search_provider to None to disable search for that model. If you set search to False, no providers will be generated.

You can pass a set of model classes and/or model names to search to generate providers only for those models.

Customizing a Provider#

The default search provider for each model is ColumnSearchProvider, which generates a ILIKE query against all of the model’s string-like columns.

ModelManager.search_provider can be reassigned to any callable that takes a value argument and returns a list of instances.